Client Insoft Development and Consulting

Date : 2013 – 2016

Description :   

Our team was involved in the design and construction of the first Research&Development Center for the virtual reality, from feasibility study to design and to construction supervisation. The RESEARCH CENTER THROUGH VIRTUAL REALITY (CREVIS) is situated in Strejnic, Prahova County, Romania, hosting over 6500 sqm of premium offices and the first virtual reality center in Europe. 

The CREVIS pole of competitiveness represents a premiere in Romania, being Europe's first Center of Excellence for remote-monitoring, resource training, simulation and augmented virtual reality monitoring in the critical infrastructure sector, simulated in an immersive virtual reality.

The main objective of the investment project is to improve the economic productivity in the critical infrastructure sector and adjacent services.

The functional Center for Research & Development will host companies that will use innovative techniques of virtual and augmented reality, along with monitoring techniques for assuring the security of isolated objectives of the critical infrastructures in Romania, their maintenance and training of the assigned operational personnel.

Europroiect Design was the main designer, ensuring the architecture, structure, installation systems and roads projects. 

Investment :  32 000 000 euro